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Tricolor (Siebold)

http://iqoption.com.sg/iq-binary-options-singapore/ The Southern California Camellia Society was incorporated as a non-profit corporation in 1946 by a group of camellia lovers who wanted to share their enthusiasm about this evergreen plant with its beautiful blooms. Over the years those original founders and their successors have been instrumental in importing reticulatas from China, japonicas from Japan and, more recently, scions and seeds from China, Vietnam, Burma and other Asian countries. Interest grew and camellia hobbyists began meeting regularly to share information, camellia scions, good soil mix recipes, learn new ways to prune and graft and life-long friendships began.

Camellia shows were started as another way to introduce the public to this delightful plant and provide opportunities for friendly competition among hobbyists. Shows and meetings are and have always been open to the public without charge. https://iqoption.com.sg/iq-binary-options-singapore/

The Society has continued to meet on a regular basis and now meets at the Los Angeles County Arboretum in Arcadia. Descanso Gardens and Huntington Gardens are the sites for the two camellia shows hosted by the Society during the camellia season and draw camellia lovers from San Diego to Sacramento to participate. The public is invited at no charge and Society members are available to answer questions about the various aspects of growing camellias. (Click the “meetings” and “show schedule” links for more information about meetings and camellia shows.) https://www.iqoption.com.sg/iq-binary-options-singapore

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